Walmart Is Doing More Better Than Target

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experiences a drop of 4.1% while Wal-Mart enjoyed a 5.1% jump, which resulted in a drop of 2.3% to $2.2, as well as a 40.7% collapse in the fourth quarter, whereas, Walmart rose 5.9% to $13.5 billion (Kessler, 2009). Also, Target offers a market department inside their retail stores, but according to the polls 12% of the consumer that shop at Target suggest that the products are overprices compared to shopping with Walmart stores (Kessler,2009). According to Kessler (2009) suggests that Walmart is doing so much better than Target is mainly because of Walmart ability to maintain the strategy to keep their product priced a the lowest, as well as, ensuring the quality of the product remain the same (Kessler, 2009). In addition, Kroger was…show more content…
Amazon online business has a more simple e-commercial delivery service than Walmart, However, amazon offers a wider variety of categories for the seller to listed product for an easier access, as well as a set prime shipping rate and collected by amazon instead of the seller. Also, Amazon allows their sellers the convenience of using UPC OR SKU for a quicker listing of products, and an easier lookup for the customer, whereas, Walmart e-commerce sale rose 17% in their last quarter, and currently testing a delivery subscription service that will similar to Amazon prime service (Wahba, 2015). According to Page (2015) suggests Amazon have a few advantages over Walmart such as the option of direct sale of merchandise from amazon, 1 click buying power, and having an accessibility and secure payment without leaving the Amazon website. (Page, 2015) Kohl’s is known as the women store to shop, whereas, Walmart knows as the discounted department family one-stop shop. Peterson (2015) suggests kohl’s is so popular mainly because they offer discounts on “national clothing brand such as Nike, Vera Wang, and Izod, which invite the bargain hunters continue to come back for that rare find of a deal. However, it stated that this is one area the competitor Walmart comes up short, due to their inability to offer brand name merchandise for the everyday low price that is an offer on all other
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