Case Study Walmart vs Amazon Essay

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Question 1. Compare with What features do the sites have in common? Which are unique to To
When we compare with Two of the biggest names in the industry are and Walmart, the latter of which has moved beyond its physical stores and begun to offer a variety of merchandise online. is one of the most recognizable names in the online retail industry. The site’s marketplace allows customers to purchase a wide variety of items online. And with a slew of third-party merchants in its roster, is a formidable presence indeed. Walmart is just as widely known of course, albeit in the real world. The company is a familiar name in the
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For example if you take Black Friday sale on 2009, Amazon isn't a huge threat to Walmart, accounting for just 3.3 percent of retail sales. Nonetheless, while online sales currently make up less than 5 percent of all retail sales, analysts expect that to rise up to 15-20 percent over the next decade. Question 3. Check the shopping aids offered at Compare them with those at
Answer brings the convenience, great merchandise selection, friendly service and Every Day Low Prices of your neighborhood Walmart to the Internet.
Walmart provides following shopping aids: the best customer service to find the product information, shipping, offers etc. Financial services like MoneyCard, Money transfer, Managing account and walmart credit card. Search: we can find any product just by typing the word. Gift cards, coupons, help center, return policy, feedback, and privacy & security. All the above feature makes us easy to shop at When we compare with we will find same features and can sell our goods at using amazon account. It also as prime feature that offers one month free trial that gives us free shipping no minimal purchase is required. has a student account, amazon mom helps student and moms to find there goods at
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