Walt Disney Company : A Cartoon Studio

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Walt Disney Company
The birth of Walt Disney Company can be traced back in 1923 where it was founded by Walt Elias Disney as a cartoon studio. The company was initiated in California in the summer holidays with its first animation being about Alice Wonderland, which was made in Kansas City (Sanders, 2015). At those days, the company was identified as Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. After four years of adhering to only one cartoon, Alice, Walt Disney decided to release new series of cartoons which started with Oswald cartoon or the 928 when Walt Disney decided to change the character of his cartoon series into a mouse which colloquially identified as The Lucky Rabbit (Sanders, 2015). The recognition of the company was realized back in 1 was named as Mickey Mouse. Although Disney received several criticisms from the film distributors concerning his idea on the Mickey Mouse, the cartoon was marked as the international and the moist popular figure of the days by the New York Times Newspaper (Sanders, 2015). Most of the film distributors believed that the cartoon series from Disney only had the mediocre ability but not until it was performed in theatres and drew the interests of the audience in large numbers that they realized that it was going far. Citing from the setting background of Walt Disney’s cartoon series, it was marked as the guide to the animator and an orchestra from its musical background. The general development of the company was realized in 1950 when it

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