Walt Disney Writing Ritual

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The Writing Ritual What better way to prepare to write is to do things that will put someone in a better state in order for him or her to let their ideas out? This would be called someone’s writing ritual. A drafting custom that works best is one where both activities leave the writer feeling energized and motivated.
Nothing else in the world can kick off a ritual quite like a trip to Walt Disney World. Presently, Walt Disney World encompasses four very different and unique theme parks. Therefore, there are many things and activities to do. However, the most essential part for the composition ceremony lives in the Magic Kingdom and can be found in the heart of Tomorrow Land. Additionally, it can be seen on the monorail ride over to the park, it is non other than Space Mountain. Space Mountain is an enclosed attraction that features a space themed roller coaster ride. Despite the fact that Space Mountain is ride; the whole experience of going into it’s location is what makes it apart of the ritual since it would be difficult to compose something on a high speed chase through space. For …show more content…

Which is taking a shower. It can be difficult to focus when you are not feeling energized or motivated. Taking a shower is killing two birds with one stone for those accommodations. Showers can be very boring because of the fact that you are left to just stand there and think. Consequently, it makes for the perfect brainstorming session because it seems like this is the best time where the ideas seem to come out. If that doesn’t make someone want to write something then it doesn’t make any sense. Now on to the purpose of a shower, the water temperature should be hot since we are going for the feeling of being energized. With this newfound energy and motivation, a person is now out of the shower with their head is full of ideas and they are able to function, which makes them ready to put themselves to

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