Walt Disney 's Corporate Strategy

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1. What is the Walt Disney Company 's corporate strategy? (20 pts)
• “The Happiest Place on Earth”! Walt Disney’s corporate strategy focuses a lot on the family. They want to achieve family focuses content with the uses of technology to create an experience that will be the most memorable. Another key point of their strategy is to widen their reach of families on a more international scale. Being better than the competition has placed Walt Disney in the forefront. Media networks, theme parks, studio entertainment, and interactive media are just a couple of business categories Walt Disney is involved in. When a lot of people think of Walt Disney, the first thing they relate his name to is kids & kids amusement parks. Walt Disney not only …show more content…

The Walt Disney Company owns stations such as ESPN, Disney Channel, and Lifetime. With the advancements of technology as well as the easily accessibility of these networks, they seem to be the most profitable for the Walt Disney Company. CEO Bob Iger, also believes technology has played a role in the successes of the Walt Disney Company, “It’s no longer just a television network…it’s a media world. And it’s rich. And it’s no longer just in the home; it’s everywhere!” (Iger p.8).
• I know for sure that everyone has at least been to a Disney World Theme Park or knows someone else who has been. The industry of theme parks has also been quite profitable for the Walt Disney Company. The slogan of it being the happiest place in the world really draws people from all over the world to experience it! I can say from personal experience, it really is a very magical place! The Walt Disney Theme Parks have been a successful industry for the Walt Disney Company and continue to draw over 17 million people each year.
• The attractiveness of the industries in the Walt Disney business portfolio are quite diverse. They play a key part into what the Walt Disney Company is today. Their attractiveness is something they will keep for a long time to come.

3. What is your assessment of the competitive strengths of Walt Disney Company 's different business units? (20 pts)
• This answer will be quite similar to my answer for question 2. The strengths of the different

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