Was Development Assistance a Mistake

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| Task: Critically Review the text “Was Development Assistance a Mistake |

A Critical Review of Easterly, W 2007, Was Development Assistance a Mistake?, American Economics Review, 97(2), pp 328-332.

Foreign aid focuses on promoting economic and human development ( Williamson, R 2009).Many experts attempt to possess the knowledge and skill to help poor nations. The key theme of “Was Development Assistance a mistake?” is Easterly’s argument, how development assistance fails to achieve economic development in poor nations. In this context, Easterly discusses the efforts of development experts that try to boost economic growth in various poor countries. He criticizes the development experts and
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Collier support this by stating that development should deal with four aspects: the conflict, the natural resources, the trap of being landlocked with bad neighbors, and the trap of bad governance in a small country (Collier 2007, p.5).These issues can be obstacles to development because all of those aspects are interconnected to each others. Economists and policy makers, especially the World Bank should be acknowledged that different countries have different characteristics. Their one formula might bring about different results. For instance, development experts adopted development policies from successful countries such as the East Asian tigers to apply in Africa but it still fails to achieve development ( Easterly 2007, p.328 ). For these reasons, development experts should consider other aspects before applying their masterful policies to develop poor countries. Individual success stories might become tomorrow’s failures.
Second, the author concludes that economic growth without development assistance is generally involved in homegrown movement. With this statement, the author seems to indicate the homegrown strategy as a potential for effective development in poor countries. Rodrik (2001, p.45) maintains that “economic development ultimately derives from a home-grown strategy, and not from the world market…”. It can be said that his argument is reasonable. Development experts should take
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