Was Julius Caesar A Tyrant

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The end of the devastating Punic Wars in 146 BCE, led to the worry of a monarch rising to absolute power over their empire. The lands that Rome controls are Sicily, Africa, Gaul, etc. Due to the monopolies, Rome began facing economic problems. While attempting to solve this problem Tiberius Gracchus was assassinated, putting an end to the reforms he tried to institute. His death would lead up to the political instability. After this political mayhem, Sulla began to take advantage of this and began to rule, taking away money from the rich. In 79 BCE Pompey and Crassus would attempt to undo the reforms that Sulla made. Even though Rome returned to being a Republic, it would still have problems with the slave revolts. Pompey and Crassus would now have a third man assist them, named Julius Caesar. Even though Julius Caesar originally perceived as a tyrant, he was a man for the people. …show more content…

Julius Caesar was born around 100 BCE and was born into a patrician family, but would ally themselves politically with plebeian politicians. Later on in his life, he would marry Cornelia, the daughter of Lucius Cornelius Cinna. Soon after Sulla would attempt to force him to divorce her, but Julius Caesar would refuse. Sulla would now take away his family’s wealth. Later on, Caesar would return to Rome after Sulla’s death in 78 BCE. (Walkins) Around this time Caesar would become well known. He would become more powerful, joining Pompey and Crassus to undo the reforms of Sulla. This coalition would lead to the First

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