Was there really a separate North and South?

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America in the mid-1800s the North and the South had numerous differences but also they shared several similarities. According to McPherson many people saw these two societies as one people; they shared the same language, they fought for the same freedoms from England, share an interconnected economy and shared the same Constitution. Even at the beginning of the Republic they shared the common bond of owning slaves. But eventually the North and South began to pull in different directions and began to segregate in to two different cultures.
In McPherson’s article he states that in both the Northern and Southern society’s white supremacy was a standard way of thinking but the two had different scales from which they measured.1 We can see
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What they also noticed was the difference in the school year between the two cultures. The South’s school year was only half as long as the North’s school year and it seemed to be affecting the level of education received by the children in the South.1
The North and the South also sought out different paths on how America’s future was going to be. In the article Antebellum Southern Exceptionalism, McPherson incorporated articles telling about each side’s way of life; southerners were the agricultural people they wanted to keep their lives traditional, full of the old ways and slavery. While the northerners were the manufacturers they had the big cities, lots of factories, over worked and underpaid workers.1 They are both gravely different and see the other side as ruining their definitions of the American way of life.
In the McPherson article, the Northerners agriculture overtime became more capital-intensive and mechanized compared to the Southern agriculture were it remained the traditional labor-intensive. This was a huge differential agriculturally between the two societies; they were now moving at different paces of industrialization. According to a London Times correspondent William Russell used in McPhersons article, the Northern people degraded the whole race because of their manufacture, trade, and pursuit of gain way of life. While the Southerners were
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