Waste Of Electronic Waste

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Electronic wastes are products that have become unwanted and are not being used anymore as if they were to not have a use in life anymore. The reason for this is because technology advances so quickly that people begin to put aside older electronic devices. A good example of this would be the Apple IPhones. When the IPhone 5 came out it sold 9 million units, and then after 1-year when the iPhone 6 became released, many people put aside their iPhone 5’s or disposed of them improperly after purchasing the new IPhone. The clear definition of electronic waste is electronic products that have stopped working or have become un-wanted and reached the end of their lives. There are a variety of devices that have become electronically wasted including VCR’s because of the fact that DVD players replaced them and then DVD players became electronically wasted because Blu-ray players were introduced. Most of these electronics are being recycled improperly around the world. Last year in North America alone more than 85% of electronic devices were not recycled properly. Most of these devices are thrown away when they are still containing materials, which are harmful. Some of these materials include cadmium, lead, beryllium and mercury. Once a large amount of devices are recycled improperly they begin to cause a significant threat to the environment. Besides the fact that they are harmful, companies could also re-use many of the elements in these devices and build a varying of electronic

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