Water Awareness Speech

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Year 12 English Assessment Task 4 Living and working in the community. James Laolada We can’t explain its taste, but we need it every day. We can’t describe its colour, but we see it every day. We use so much of it, yet there’s so little of it. Can anybody guess what it is? Its “water”, as many of you may already know its Water Awareness week. I am here to Increase public awareness and understanding of water issues and to encourage people to use water wisely. Many people may be wondering why is water so essential in life, there’s an endless reasons for the importance of water. To say a few would be, 75% of human body is composed of water; we…show more content…
Energy conservation is also a benefit; we can use the energy which is conserved in other field of profession. It also helps to save money; we have to pay for the water we use. If we use less water, we will have more money to spend in other areas. I hope that this speech will creates water awareness in our community as it is a serious issue which needs to be considered and solve as soon as possible. This issue may be hard and takes time to resolve but it all starts with you. Every individual counts, every drops of water counts, every action is not too late. So let’s get our act together and starts saving water, it’s not hard yet it’s not easy, but with everybody’s help it will just be like walking across the field. I thank you and would like to end this speech with a quote from Antoine De Saint-Exupery “Water has no taste, no color, no odor; it cannot be defined, art relished while ever mysterious. Not necessary to life, but rather life itself. It fills us with a gratification that exceeds the delight of the senses.” Thank you. James
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