Water Drinks : The Dangers Of Water Bottles

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Today water bottles are sold all over the world, and about 1,000 bottles are consumed every second. In fact, it has been reported that 200 billion water bottles are sold globally gathering 60 billion dollars. Additionally, bottled water was created for being portable, because of poor tap water quality, safety and health concerns, and as a substitute for sugary drinks. In contrast, bottled water shouldn’t be around anymore because they have become a health and environmental issue. In contrast, water bottles have been proven to be hazardous to human health due to the large number of chemicals found in them. Most of the bottles cannot be recycled, which means they stay in the landfill releasing chemicals into the soil and air, and parts of the bottles find their way into the ocean harming the marine life.
It is ironic that water bottles were brought up for safer and purer water, but has an exceedingly number of chemicals. In the U.S, there are an abundance of organizations that deem what are safe for humans to consume. The Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulate bottled water, however tap water is overseen by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which has higher standards than the FDA meaning some bottles aren’t even approved to rinse your hands with. More importantly, bottled waters contain contaminates, chemical contaminates, pesticides, disinfectants, and radioactive materials. Equally important, bottled water has contaminants of Coliform (rod-shaped

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