Water Jet Machining

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Archived in Dspace@nitr 'R~prttited irom the journai of the Institution of Bnglneers~)vbt (; '3,pt. m 3, Novenibert~82 ' ' UDC 621-16/-17:621/621.9 Water Jet Machining-A State of Art P K Ray, Associate Member With the advent of newer materials and intricate shapes of components, unconventional methods ofmatflrial removal have been developed. Water jet machining (WJM) is cne ( 'f such processes of material removal. This paper briefly describes the basicfcatures of WJM, such as, its mechanism of material removal, advantages, and application possibilities. INTRODUcnON ,r- The principle of rain-erosion phenomenon occuring on high speed aircrafts is welknown and is utilised …show more content…

"I.ounter How ' 01 the jet to escape IreeJy and Even the smallest surlace discontinuities act as nuclei for lessens its tend ency to build a 'lIquid lushlOn '6. P 1< 4 >< 5 ... 6 ... @ @ @ I ~ 11 12 :1 @ Motor Reservoir Purifying chamber Mixing chamber Pump Pressure switch Reli ef valve Check valve Intensifier Direction-control p.res5ure gauge Restrictor Accumulator Pres-sure transducer Nozzle Workpiece valve I To drain ~ ---r..:~u.!:I2..!~- ~a_n~J FI8 3 Schematic diagram of a waterJet machiningsystem : 109 J '0163, November 1982 DISCUSSION The elements of a jet cutting system basically consists of a high pressure source (pump) and a shaped nozzle which concentrates the liquid and forms the jet through the nozzle mouth. Other accessories indude high pressure tubing and their fittings, valves, various holding fixtures, and a control panel. The last element is the drainage system which collects the water (together with fine dust like chips of the work material) after it has passed through the work-piece). A schematic diagram of the process is shown lrl Fig 3. Jet cutting requires a continuous high pressure delivery and this ltmlts the lile 01 the components, since at high pressure~ latlgue lailure of the mechanical components occur~. Huwever, with Impruved materials, fat Igue in the high pre~~ure range IS of less importance

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