Water Pollution Essay

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As the earth is heating due to global warming caused by pollution, the temperatures are rising and creating a shift in the water environment, slowly damaging the earth. As this continues, more birds are getting stuck in six pack plastic rings, turtles are getting straws stuck up their nose, and more penguins are getting oil stuck in their feathers. The looks of the atrocious scenes shown above, have created a worsening economy for the tourism industry, “polluted rivers are marrying the reputation of our nation's capital, when the rivers are dirty it influences tourists in a negative way.” (Corporate Pollution n.pag.). When tourists come here expecting beautiful scenery and are greeted with trashy beaches, including a dead whale on shore, …show more content…

Air stripping is the process of moving air through contaminated groundwater or surface water, making dangerous chemicals turn from a liquid to a gas state, causing them to no longer be a harmful substance. This is also a more cost efficient solution to decontaminate the water before it harms more people. Other ways to avoid contaminated waters are soil vapor extraction which removes chemicals from soil before the soil can come in contact with large bodies of water. Or granular activated carbon (GAC) which removes the chemicals directly from the water itself, but its prices are increasing as it is in high demand. One person may not be able to change the status of water is ways like these, but several people have created a massive difference in picking up trash of the beaches and stopping pollution this way. An organization named Trash Free Seas is dedicated to creating cleaner oceans, it was originally started in nineteen eighty five and since then they have collected over two hundred and thirty million pounds of trash, and has over twelve thousand growing members. (Trash Free Seas n.pag.). The oceans are in desperate need of laws helping people like these to clean up the oceans, that make it easier for tools to be accessed to make of inventions like air stripping possible for all contaminated waters. To ensure our waters are uncontaminated and make the earth a cleaner, safer place.
The laws needed to make a solid

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