Water Scarcity Is Becoming A Major Issue

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Introduction Water scarcity is becoming a major issue not only in third world countries, but developed countries as well. “Water scarcity can be defined as a lack of sufficient water, or not having access to safe water supplies.” (Paulson, 2015). The main reason this concern has grown is due to the major increase in population and the amount of water being used by each person. “According to the United Nations, water use has grown more than twice the rate of population increase in the last century.” (National Geographic, n.d.). The population is rising rapidly, taking a toll on the limited amount of water. This report represents the findings on how to restricting water intake to only what is needed, not what is wanted. This is intended to help environmental, economical and social problems. Findings Water is not just a cool drink to have on a hot summer day, water is a non-renewable resource that enables life and fuels all human activities. “[However because of population growth and economic development, water resources in many parts of the world are pushed to their natural limits.” (Growing Blue®, 2016). If water is not prioritized and nothing is done by all nations now, the future will be left with no water. Due to the lack of water and the rise in population there are three major concerns: 1. Economical 2. Environmental 3. Social Economic Implications Major corporations or just starting up companies and every other type of business in between without water

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