We Are The People You Do Not See

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“We are the people you do not see.” This statement made by Okwe, the protagonist of the film, articulates the horror of the lives of illegal immigrants that is presented in Stephen Frier’s Dirty Pretty Things. This film focuses on the multitude of hardships that illegal immigrants often face when trying to survive in their target country. They are the people who are specifically hired to keep the unpleasant things looking nice on the exterior, yet they constantly need to avoid immigration officials while trying to maintain those jobs. The two main characters, Okwe and Senay, struggle together to keep some semblance of integrity as they try to blend into and thus remain invisible to the unwelcoming and harsh city of London. The theme of invisibility that permeates the film is presented through the use of sets and allows the audience to identify with the hidden lives of the characters. There are many scenes that show the immigrants in tight, hidden areas, creating a sense of entrapment and emphasizing their desperate need to stay unseen from the world. The employee areas in the hotel compared to the lobby of the hotel suggest the unpleasantness of the immigrants’ working conditions, which are hidden behind the surface of the presentable Baltic Hotel. In the beginning of the film, Okwe is shown going to his locker to change into his receptionist uniform. The setting of the workers’ locker room is a rather confined and tight area with a low ceiling and dull colored walls and

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