We Divide Groups Based Two Things Appearance And Economic Stability

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We divide groups based two things appearance and economic stability. The people on top of the pyramid are whites in which have the most money out of all races. I tend to see a lot of white people being the most economically dominant, for example how mostly every owner in the NBA is a white American male. Money, Money can have power, It does not matter what race you are but if you are exceedingly wealth then you have a voice in this country. From my my experience I have seen that we mostly revolve around the celebrities and if they do something that good for the community or if they do a criminal thing then we have them all around news. We are all individuals and I don 't see why people should be treated differently then others just because they are more economically stable. Therefore I am not saying there is people that I admire, but I admire their talent not their overall living. I 'd rather focus on ways I can get better financially. In this country we all play the game of the white people, the make it so they get richer by paying the lowest possible in order so they can produce enough of the product. We as the low income race we are forced to get the low income jobs because that is what society expects from us, especially because there are very little whites of whom don 't want to get dirty. I see many of my community having these low income jobs because without having legal documents you are limited to jobs. Being racist is a contribution that people have in

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