We Must Learn from the Holocaust

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The holocaust is not only humanities darkest hour, but also one of the most educational experiences that ever occurred. Failure is not something good, but you should always learn from it. This also applies to the holocaust. The thing we should have known before the holocaust was that before punishing someone, think of the choice they did or didn't have in the matter. The Germans failed to do this when they brutally persecuted the jews. The people caught in the middle didn't realize that the Germans were wrong in their persecution, and the jews actually forgave the children of the holocaust because they were raised to only know one thing and didn't know that they had a choice. The Germans were wrong in their persecution of the jews for many reasons. They didn't think about why they were persecuting jews, who sometimes were only persecuted because someone in their family was a jew. The Germans didn't even think about why they were taking land from other countries. People believed that Hitler would honor his agreement not to take land from France, but "He said the same thing about Poland six months ago" (page 43). This quote refrences an argument between Alfons and his mother in the book Parrallell journeys. Alfons was a young kid who was loyal to hitler while many of his family memebers were not. Alfons believed Hitler's every word, but his family could see the lies that he said. Alfons was not the only one to have blind leadership in Htiler. There were many who believed his

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