We Must Obey Our Elders

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Should we OBEY our Elders?? A Photo of an Elder! A Tale of Correction  By Ray Walter Swangkee ― The Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge, Box 305H2, King’s Mountain, Kentucky 40442 The Divided States of United Lies! My E-mail Address is: theking@alltel.net, as in: “The King at TELL ALL, dot, Network of Truth.” Please Visit the most Beautiful, Enlightening, and Inspiring Website on the Internet, at: www.ThePeacock.com “O my Son, no one likes to Obey any Person that he or she does not Respect and Love; and therefore, it is Difficult for most People to Obey God: beCause they have not even Met him, let alone Learn whatever he Asks of them.” A Proverb of the Peacock “O my Daughter, if you do not Respect and even Love…show more content…
(See Jeremiah 30: 9; Psalm 89: 3 ― 4; Isaiah 55: 3 ― 5; and Ezekiel 34: 23, King James Version.) Therefore, the Leadership that certain Elders have shown is not exactly what we might call a Good Example for the rest of us; but it is often a Bad Example, at least in Biblical Times. For Example, the Elder Esau Sold his Birthright to his Younger Brother Jacob, in Exchange for a Pot of Pottage {pronounced POT-ij, which is Thick Soup}, and Esau and his Descendants have Regretted it ever since. (See GENESIS!) However, the Children of Esau, who were otherwise known as Edomites, became Crafty by Means of Deceptions and Lies: beCause they Envied the Children of Israel for their Blessings; and therefore, the Edomites sought Ways to Overcome the Israelites, which they did by Means of getting into the Banking Business! Yes, they got Control of the Method for the Supply of Money, and thus they made Usury Slaves of the Israelites, by Loaning Money to them for certain Interest Rates, even as it is until this very Day! (See: The History of Money!, which contains some very Amazing Information for Honest People with Open Minds!) Indeed, they are the present Red Jew Bankers, who Control the Economies of most of the Governments of the World, who Determine WHO gets to Use their Money, and HOW MUCH of it that they can Use, and for what PURPOSES that they can Use it, plus how much Usury will be Charged for that so-called “Service,” which was never
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