`` We Rose Up Slowly `` Done By Roy Lichtenstein

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“We Rose Up Slowly” done by Roy Lichtenstein. I think this art was done as a love movement. It looks like two people in love sharing a special moment. They are not worried about who’s watching them. It’s almost like time has stopped, and nothing around them matters. The artist is screaming in his what the power of love is in his eyes. This piece of art was created in 1964, and I think back then real love and romance really did exist. The people in the art work look like they may be super heroes. Their faces look very serious and compassionate. The artist did pop up work and a lot of people enjoyed looking at it. Roy Fox Lichtenstein was born October 27, 1923. He was born in Manhattan, New York on the upper west side. He was born is a Jewish family. He was born to Beatrice who was a homemaker and his father was Milton he was a real estate broker. He attended a public school until the age of 12. Then he started at New York’s Dwight school. He graduated from there in 1940. At first art was just a hobby nothing that he took serious. He enjoyed jazz and attended a lot of jazz concerts at the Apollo Theater. He attended Ohio State University. Unfortunately, he had to put a pause on his studies because he was fighting in World War II from 1943 until 1946. He then returns back home to be with his father because his father’s health had started declining and he was dying. In 1949 he was employed with Ohio State University as an art instructor. He was there for 10 years. One of his

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