Humn 101 Writing Assignment: Exhibition And Annotated Bibliography

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HUMN 101 Writing assignment: Exhibition and annotated bibliography spring 2017

How can art make an audience listen? Sonny Assu sets a prime example of getting a viewer 's attention, in his piece “The Away Teams Beams Down to What Appears to be Unlimited Planet,”2016 displayed at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The following writing will talk about Sonny Assu as an artist and the social historical context of the work.

Sonny Assu was raised by his grandparents in North Delta, British Columbia. He is an interdisciplinary artist known for painting, printmaking, installation art, and sculpture. It was not until he was eight years old that he found out about his Kwakawaka’waka heritage. Sonny Assustarted his education at Kwantlen College for …show more content…

“The Away Team Beams Down to What Appears to be Unlimited Planet” is large in scale encompassing the whole space of one wall. This creates the illusion that the viewer can just step right into it. It is the largest piece in the collection and brings all of the other works together. Assu embraces a digital print of “Vanquished” by Emily Carr and imprints a large digital symbol on top of it. This process of embellishing another artist work is a common way of addressing a message, though, is surrounded by controversial opinions. The question is, does this way of making art have as deep of an effect on the audience compared to a piece that is fully the work of one artist? The symbol is a traditional Kwakwaka’waka element. The smooth paint strokes of “Vanquished” contrast with the hard bright neon orange abstract shape of Sonny Assus. The symbol resembles a face, with eyes and a mouth. Out of the ovoid shape Assus has added thin circles overlapping each other, in a spiral like pattern, leading towards the ground, The shape takes up around a third of the original painting and is very dramatic becoming the most dominant feature and capturing the audience 's attention first. All together the embellishment resembles an abstract UFO, placed looking down at the planet searching for something. “Vanquished” 1930 by Emily Carr is a scene of desolation and ruin.

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