Weakness Of Weaknesses

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Weakness Analysis Upon teaching the Bible as teachers should teach it, according to 2 Timothy 3:16-17, application, good deed, should be in the teaching. Although Hughes used Scripture to support his argument, he should also use scripture for specific applications. Moreover, he does include practical application in his book, especially in regards to help and the conclusion; however, there should be a greater amount, especially since he covers a number of principles in his book. For instance, though Hughes was attempting to show how success is believing, he could have included practically ways one could believe in order to be successful in the aspect of believing. Similarly, he argued the importance of viewing success as attitude, but he did not provide an appropriate amount of practical tips in order to obtain a successful attitude. Although stories are extremely helpful in teaching a principle, Hughes used them in a way that seemed to extend the book longer than necessary. Taking into consideration the power of stories, it would have been better if he had been direct and had fewer stories. Furthermore, it would have helped if Hughes further elaborated on false views of success. For instance, he could have listed the myths of ministry success, and he could have included the consequences of viewing ministry in those unbiblical manners. By showing the consequences of not having a biblical view of ministry success, he would give a greater emphasis and provide a greater form

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