Wearing Seat Belt

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Attention-arousing material: Do you know that every hour someone dies in crash simply from not buckling his or her seat belt and you can be a victim if you don’t simple buckle it when you get in your car?

Thesis-statement: Today I will try to persuade you that the first thing you have to do after sitting in your car is buckling your seat belt.

Credibility Statement: While investigating for this speech I confirmed that using a seat belt do save lives and also prevent you of serious injuries if you are victim of an accident.

Preview of main points: First I will describe you the problems of not using a seat belt, then I will give some solutions according to my point of view and my research and Finally I will talk …show more content…

2. Fines for not wearing a seat belt in the United States currently range from $5 in Idaho to $75 in Oregon. The most common fine (27 states) is $20-25. A 1995 NHTSA study of the effect of various provisions of seat belt use laws found that for each $1 in fine level, states tend to gain about 0.08% higher belt use. (NHTSA, 2003)

a. Michigan

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