Wearing The United States Army Uniform

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It is being known that clothes make a man or a woman and by all means, this is a true statement regarding the United States military. Soldier’s uniforms symbolize everything from branch, rank, position, loyalty, and prestigious. The image of a sharp outfit creates a psychological, moral booster and spirit de corps of Soldiers. As a general rule, Soldiers are identified by their uniforms. Each uniform has multiple components that have a legacy and a history behind. Although Soldiers have pride in wearing the United States Army Uniform, a few of them don’t know the origin and purpose of each part of the uniform. Every part has its purpose, and it was strategically made based on the necessities in the battlefield.
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Uniforms design, colors, and attributes were influenced of European armies.
The Camouflage
Historically, military uniforms were primarily about identity, pride, and recognition; however, at the beginning of the twentieth century, military uniforms become less decorative and more attuned to the need of the Soldiers This was the though when it comes to camouflage. A Soldier 's life might depend on it. Camouflage was first understood by hunters as far as from prehistoric time. These hunters observed and understood how an animal had a protection beyond just teeth and claws. They discovered that most animals could mix it with a natural background such as trees, leaves, and rocks, make them undetectable to other animals and humans. The military has little used at the beginning of these techniques. There are few examples of the use of camouflage in ancient and medieval warfare because camouflage was rare at that time. A well-known example of camouflage was during the 17th century when William Shakespeare described the medieval warriors that were ready to march on Macbeth at his fortress at Dunsinane (Newark, Newart, & Borsarello, 1996).
The Headgear
The Director of the Non-Commissioned Officer Heritage and Education Center, Mr. Mark R. Henry, stated that historically, nations copy the design of the uniform from the most successful units in combat and without a doubt, the United States Army did that.
The most
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