Weavetech: Downsizing In The Workplace

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Introduction Severe consequences are likely to occur if WeaveTech decides to explore downsizing its workforce. Downsizing will greatly affect the company’s reputation regarding the quality of products they produce and their economic output. Downsizing rarely achieves its intended level of cost savings and often causes poor morale, high levels of stress and guilt among employees who retained their jobs. Downsizing will affect the psychological culture of WeaveTech. Psychological contracts are unwritten understandings and informal obligations between an employer and its employees regarding their mutual expectations of how each will perform their respective roles ( They can include such things as the levels of employee commitment, job satisfaction and the quality of working conditions. Maintaining a strong employer and employee relationship can be the key to the ultimate success of WeaveTech. A pleasurable atmosphere within the work environment can be created with strong employment relations. Through improved employee morale, it will additionally increase employee motivation. The creation of a productive and pleasant work environment has drastic effects on an employee’s loyalty to the business and encourages a loyal workforce. Having such a loyal workforce…show more content…
Open door policies are designed to help eliminate barriers between the various levels of management and to help promote fairness in the workplace. In order to strengthen the employer-employee relationship, it will require much more than simply saying one exists. The literal interpretation of an open-door policy means -- barring obvious, closed-door conferences and the like -- that employees have the freedom to walk into the office of the company’s president to discuss a workplace issue (smallbusinesschron,
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