Web Development : A Website

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Jamison Williams
Mrs. Postell
English III
4 March 2015
Web Development:
A Website in the Making
$1.1 trillion in sales in 2011 were web-influenced. On a daily basis, people will continue to need websites for certain businesses or certain jobs so that means the web development market will continue to make money. Web development is the process of designing and developing a website from scratch or the ground up. It is the “back end” or “behind the scenes” of a website, such as programming. Web developers create programs and applications for the Internet or the World Wide Web and focus on how a website works and functions. They create custom codes to accommodate the unique needs of the client or clients, developing everything from the …show more content…

Next, is server-side scripting, which is the code that powers the website and makes the website work and operate. It’s the mechanics of the website. Some examples of server-side languages are, Java, PHP, and Python. Server-side scripting is the most important part of building a website because it’s the back end and it wouldn’t be a website without it. The last part, which is database technology, helps the website run smoothly. This helps manage the information stored in the database (McKay).
When a specific business has a bigger web project than usual, they often split up the responsibilities. For example, one developer would focus more on setting up the back end or behind the scenes of the website, while another developer focuses more on the visual aspect of the website or the client side scripting (Shiotsu). This would include the graphics that are going to be used on the webpage or the style of the webpage. The reason why businesses split up the responsibilities among the workers is to eliminate the amount of time that they have to work on the website. If one web developer was developing a website on a larger scale, it would take a huge amount of time to complete it. According to Shiotsu in her article Web Development 101: What is a Web Developer, The advantage of building a website from the ground up is that you can create something original that fits your specific needs. Since this job involves some time working with other

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