Why Is Computer Science An Open Field

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Computer Science: An Open Field JT Raber Indian Valley High School With computers, we went to the moon. With computers, are revolutionizing communication. With computers, we will become a utopia. The greatest technology of the modern world is computers without a doubt. Because this is the case, there are multiple career variants in the field of computer science, ranging from analog to digital, offline to online, and structured to creative. Digital graphic designers, software developers, web developers, and hardware specialists are all intertwined in this open field that is computer science. Digital Graphic Designers make everything that you see on a screen. These specialists perform a mix of many tasks in their work environment. …show more content…

Students wouldn’t be able to type an essay, teachers wouldn’t be able to post grades, accountants wouldn’t be able to manage large companies. Software developers usually work in an office for big software companies, such as Autodesk, Adobe, or Oracle. Software developers must keep up on the newest versions of programming languages and libraries by constantly improving themselves. To become a software developer, you must complete a 4-year bachelor’s degree. The pay for software developers is from roughly 50,000 dollars per year to roughly 150,000 dollars per year. This number makes sense, considering that most of these careers are full time with long hours. Software developers use a wide variety of tools, called IDEs. IDE stands for integrated development environment, which includes a text editor, an interpreter, an output console, and a compiler. Some examples of IDEs include Zero Brain Studio to program in lua and Thonny to program in python. Lua is a lightweight, modular program with many libraries and applications. Python is also a lightweight program but it is more widely used and accepted. On a more complicated note, software developers also create operating systems, the very bones of a computer, usually in C. In contrast, software developers create simpler programs such as web browsers too, enabling a whole other form of computer scientists: web developers. Web developers are the people who create websites and web apps. These computer scientists use different

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