Wedding Speech - Original Writing

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I walked up to my mother timidly hoping that my mother would let me sleep over at my cousin 's house. Most of my family members were at the house already to celebrate my aunt 's birthday. "Is there any chance that I can stay at my cousin 's house? It 's Saturday so I don 't have school tomorrow," I said it so quietly that I was afraid she couldn 't hear me over the loud music. "Okay," she said,"but you need to help clean up when all of the guests leave the party. Do you understand?" "Yes! Thank you so much," I said happily,"I just wanted to see how hard it would be to take care of their pets." The next day, I knocked on the front door waiting patiently for someone to open the door. When my mother finally opened the door she said,"I 'm so sorry, I was making breakfast. How did everything go?" "It went great! They let the dog and cat sleep in the same room as us. I sneezed all night but other than that, everything went great!" I said excitedly. "That 's great but maybe you 're allergic to dogs and cats. I 'll make an appointment with the doctors for you." "Okay, just make sure that the appointment isn 't during school because I don 't want to miss a lesson," I said. The next week, I went to the phlebotomist to get blood drawn. We waited patiently for the results. After about two weeks, I had to got back to the doctors to see what I was allergic to. The doctor gave me a long list and then explained what I was allergic to. The doctor told me I was allergic to
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