Hypoallergenic Informative Speech

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Before I discuss what is causing the allergies I have some interesting facts for you.

The prefix "hypo" means "less than" and thus the word hypoallergenic tells the kitten/cat buyer that the breeder believes the cat to to produce fewer allergens than other cats. How is this measured or regulated - well it isn't. There are no legal regulations defining allergens (let alone allergens in cats), nor are there any guidelines. So the world "hypoallergenic" has very little meaning.

Around 2-15% of the worlds population is allergic to cats and 1/3 of these have a cat in their home.

Up to 40% of Asthma sufferers are sensitive to cats.

A large proportion of cats surrendered to shelters are from allergic pet owners.

Up to 25% of Rex cats that are
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