California Hypothesis

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Hypothesis: California is a Democratic state. There is a lack of clarity in the hypothesis when it comes to the term “Democratic”. Individuals could interpret the term as the ideology of democracy, or in the support of the Democratic Party. Adding on, there is also no comparison in the hypothesis, which is crucial in identifying the independent and dependent variables. The hypothesis could go either way in having comparisons between states or different time frames (across years). There is also a lack of direction in the hypothesis that aims to explore the positive or negative correlation of the independent or dependent variable. Furthermore, the hypothesis is a factual statement that can be immediately verified after a quick search on the Internet. Revised Hypothesis: The higher the unemployment rate in California, the higher the number of votes in support of the Democratic parties. Or// The more unemployed individuals in California, the higher the number of votes in support of the Democractic parties. Independent Variable: Unemployment rate in California Dependent Variable: Votes in support of the Democratic Parties Unemployment Benefit Theory As we observe that the Democrats believe in unemployment benefits and believes that it is of great importance to help the economy as those who are …show more content…

Further, as explored by Alisdair Mckay and Ricardo Reis in their working paper of “Optimal Automatic Stabilizers”, the authors claim that “both [progressive tax and unemployment benefit] policies have roles in redistributing income and in providing social insurance” and that when unemployment levels are high, “a larger unemployment benefit will stimulate aggregate demand when it is inefficiently low thereby raising welfare”, which are valued by the unemployed population and also ties closely with the ideals of the Democratic parties in

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