Week 6 Reflection Report

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Reflection Week Six
Ernestine Brodie
Walden University

Everything that I have learned in this course in regards to preschoolers, early childhood professionals who work in a preschool setting, and preschool environments has only helped to increase my knowledge and love for the profession. I have gained new insights that will help me along my journey as an early childhood professional. This course has shed so much light on the importance of play in the preschool environment. According to Gestwicki (2014) “Play is significant in the development of children physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively” (p.33). Just as the scenario presented in the first discussion of this course in which some parents chose to send their
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There are always changes in regards to the development of preschool-age children and the roles of early childhood professionals within the preschool setting. I want to learn and gain more knowledge of every aspect of the preschool environment in which can be helpful to making sure that the children that I work with are developing physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. This course has enhanced my knowledge of play and the preschool environment and how they both can shape children’s development. But I would love to continue to learn more in how I can provide a classroom environment that will allow for me to give the optimal learning and development experience to the children that I work with. I want to be able to take the experiences such as my observations of the preschool classroom that I observed and turn those experiences into ways to enhance my own teaching and learning experiences for the children that I work with. According to the text teachers who observe children see opportunities to reinforce and enrich children’s learning experiences (Gestwicki, 2014, p. 381). I definitely believe this to be true, and I also believe that the more things that you learn it can only be beneficial for both the children and the teachers. I know that this course has continued to help me build on the foundation of learning that I need to be a successful early childhood professional in a preschool setting and also help in the development of preschool-age children. This course shined a light on the fact that the role of early childhood professionals has several dimensions which include the children playing a role in their own development as well. I think that in the preschool classroom today that all early childhood professionals must acknowledge this and go forth accordingly in how they approach the development of the whole child in regards to
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