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Ten Weekend getaways near Bangalore Tired of the busy everyday life? Tired of rushing to work every morning and then coming back home exhausted and then going to sleep, well if you are bored of this everyday schedule and need to have a break, the best option would be to refresh yourself in midst of nature. NANDI HILLS Located at a distance of 60kms from the city of Bengaluru is Nandi hills also known as the Nandi betta, is one of the cities favorite weekend getaway. The name of the hill itself has a vast history and so has the place. Starting from the period of Cholas to Tipu sultan there have been several stories about the hills. Nandi hills added itself to the Tourists spot, a beautiful and serene place for one to spend a few hours. The curvy road to the top surrounded by beautiful scenery is a paradise to the sightseers. The place is ideal for the cyclists and Bikers, for them to experience contentment in a short distance. The place is best known for its exquisite sunrise and sunset view from the top of the hill. It has attractions like Tipu’s drop, Tipu’s summer palace and fort, Temples and other places with historical events associated with it. RAMADEVARABETTA “Kitne aadmi they!?” yes, u guessed it right. The worldwide famous blockbuster movie Sholay was shot in the …show more content…

The path to the peak is cut and carved, the presence of man-made steps that are carved into the rocks make the trek comfortable for beginners. The path to the summit is pretty tiring but just as exciting. The crowd is pretty much normal so possibility of getting lost is less. There are a lot of halt points with stalls serving food and drinks. The trekking path to reach pinnacle from foothill is about 2-2.5 km, towards the end trail becomes steep and narrow and hence difficult to climb, there after safety rails are provided. You will find a lot of monkeys here and you might end up having to hide your belongings from

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