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Have you ever gotten on a family trip and wondered if it could possibly change the way you perceive life? Well, let me tell you that this exact matter happened to me the last Fourth of July. When you are in your teenager years a person only thinks of one point and that’s you, yourself, and you again. That’s what I had on my mind before going to this marvelous trip, but how I saw my future before I went, and how I saw it when I came back and were very different. How could a mere and inoffensive family trip become such an important change in my life?
The twilight of the trip, what a baloney; or so I thought. Everything began on Friday the 1rst of July in the Miami Bay, All the cruises where standing there; so majestuous and flawless, fearless of the vast ocean before …show more content…

What I didn’t count on was the fact that I was going to be swimming among them in a special pool on the hotel. This pool has the form of an antique Maya temple, with an extensive toboggan at the top that passes right through the pool of sharks. That view while passing from inside the toboggan is one am never going to forget and how could I if this trip was being my first time in so many ways; It was my first time outside the U.S, also it was my first time on a cruise, and not to mention my first time swimming with sharks.
The next element that called my attention was something called the White party, it consisted of a truly big party on the deck of the boat where every single person was supposed to dress in white and greed the captain and the crew. The next day we went to a private island, regardless to say that it had also been my first time on a private island, it was a paradise like place. There everyone was doing fun activities, surfing, snorkeling, and even biking. After spending the day there we went back to the ship and the next morning we were on the Miami Bay

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