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Examine the category Work in your weekly plan. How are you currently meeting your goals? Recently, I’ve been working at a restaurant and I am quite busy with everything that’s going on in my life. Along with working at the restaurant, I need to make sure that I get my schoolwork done on time and also take care of the housework. However, I enjoy being busy because it keeps me away from being bored, increase my creativity as well as experience. 2. Explain the challenges and successes you encountered this week? Unlike last week when I did not really have any challenge. I have encountered a lot of challenges this week. Some of them are: my bike gets stolen, balancing my life, taking care of myself, and saying “no” to an invitation. I believe that saying “no” to an invitation is one of my biggest problem. I feel like I am spending too much time hanging out than I should. However, I was able to countered my challenge from last …show more content…

I believe that spending less time hanging out will help me save more money, and also allow me to have more time for schoolwork. Another thing I need to change is the way I take care of my stuff since I’ve been lost a couple things after I moved into this new apartment. 5. What concepts from the reading resonated with you the most from week three? Explain. The concept that resonated with me the most from the reading of week three is the concept of “Intrinsic Versus Extrinsic Motivation”. I was impress thinking about how different it is when I do something with an Intrinsic Motivation compare to when I do something with an Extrinsic Motivation. According to the definition of Intrinsic Motivation, it is an internal desire to complete an activity because of its inherent satisfaction. Therefore, I realized that I should always be doing something with an Intrinsic Motivation instead of Extrinsic Motivation. 6. How could you apply these concepts in your

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