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MBA PROGRAMME CLASS OF 2016, SECTION B Semester II Weekly Class Schedule FOR THE WEEK OF MARCH 30 TO April 03, 2015 Auditorium 104 DG Class 1 DG Class 2 DG Class 3 0830-0900 0905-1035 1105-1135 1140-1310 1435-1505 1510-1640 IE 1 ME 15 OM 16 MACS 15 * FMG 15 * FMG 16 BII 1 OM 17 BII 2 30-Mar Mon 31-Mar Tue 1-Apr Wed 2-Apr Thu 3-Apr Fri 4-Apr Sat ME 16 MACS 16 IE 2 * FMG-17 Joint 1. The soft copy of the weekly schedule is available on the main page of the LUMS website www.lums.edu.pk - Information For: Students\Schedules\MBA Schedule 2. Class timings may sometimes differ from the usual timetable. Please follow the timings given on the inner pages. 3. 4. * For course titles and instructors, please turn overleaf. FMG WAC is due…show more content…
How have the changes affected small competitors? How has Airborne survived, and recently prospered, in its industry? Quantify Airborne’s sources of advantage. As the note on “Creating Competitive Advantage” (HBS 798-062) discusses, it is often useful to analyze a company’s cost position relative to its rivals and to examine the willingness of customers to pay for the company’s products relative to competitors’. The case allows you to analyze the relative costs of Airborne Express in detail. Specifically, compare the costs of an overnight letter shipped by Airborne Express to one shipped by Federal Express. The case does not allow you to compare willingness to pay across companies more than qualitatively, but it does permit you to examine relative prices. To examine relative costs, start with the cost structure of a Federal Express overnight letter, given in Exhibit 3. Using information in the case and your understanding of what influences each cost item, estimate each of the items for Airborne Express. 4. What must Robert Brazier, Airborne’s President and COO, do in order to strengthen the company's position? 3 2. 3. 5. Turn in Answers to Question # 3 before the start of the class for grading. Read: 1. 2. 1035 - 1105 1105 - 1135 1140 - 1310 Creating Competitive Advantage An Options-led Approach to Making Strategic Choice Tea break Discussion Group: Managerial Economics MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS TANVEER
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