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Introduction The New Yorker named Jean Nidetch, who is at the start of Weight Watchers in 1963, when she decided to invite her friends to hers in order to give them the possibility to lose weight "together". From there, the first Weight Watchers meeting was born. Quickly, the reputation of this program was spreading across the United States. It made thousands of followers. By 1970 it spread on to Germany, the first European country to import the Weight Watchers diet. In 1973, it followed by France and Switzerland and Belgium in 1974. The company is now present in forty countries across the world and hasn’t said its last word. In 1978, the company was sold to the famous U.S. food group H. J. Heinz until 1999, best known for the…show more content…
They are the one’s living the true WW lifestyle and therefore have a big impact on the consumer’s word of mouth, which is WW biggest marketing channel success. Weight Watchers uses celebrities such as Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Simpson and Charles Barkley to pass threw their healthy lifestyle messages in TV, print, and web advertisements. These healthy lifestyle messages are also transmitted threw the WW centers "touch points" with potential customers. After analyzing various studies in USA which all show that obesity is continuously increasing. Weight Watchers realized that in order to reach the larger target consumer group, new programs had to be adapted to the company’s business model. New marketing tools where integrated, with the launch of weightwatchers.com (online), followed by WW phone aps (mobile), moreover the company has changed its strategy by using men and woman in their advertisement campaign in order to try and reach male consumers (90% of its members are woman).

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