Weight Watchers Research Paper

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I knew about Weight Watchers way before Oprah started endorsing it! I remember learning about the weight loss plan in my early twenties from one of my friends. I watched her jump from one diet to another unsuccessfully, until she tried Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers is diet plan that was invented in the early 60’s by an overweight housewife named Jean Nidetch. Like most Americans she was tired of denying herself cabs, desserts and whatever else she wanted to eat for the cost of losing weight.
Weight Watchers has become a household name, it has over 30 million members and is used in many countries. I think one of the biggest reasons why Weight Watchers has been able to stick around is because of their weekly meetings. During those weekly members talk about their weight loss goals, share eating tips, exercise, and they also discuss behavioral changes that are necessary to attaining a healthier lifestyle. Losing weight is not easy, but when you have the support of a group, it goes a long way. Weight Watchers promises you can eat whatever your heart desires, in moderation, of course. It follows a …show more content…

For one, it is not safe for children. The program’s strict point system would not fit a child’s daily calorie intake. Because a child’s body is still growing, I think they need their recommended daily intake of fruits, veggies, legumes, fats and cabs. The plan that weight watchers has limits them from consuming the amount needed for a child’s diet. I think they would either eat too much of certain food group and not eat enough of another. I think it’s a lose-lose situation for a child. Aside from their nutritional needs not being met with the Weight Watchers diet I think that introducing a child to such a strict diet while they are still developing can hurt them psychologically. The diet plan’s calorie counting, introduces a unhealthy relationship with food, which can later lead to an eating

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