Economic Analysis Section of Weight Watchers

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ECONOMIC ANALYSIS SECTION OF WEIGHT WATCHERS 3 Economic Analysis Section of Weight Watchers Economic Analysis Section of Weight Watchers Identify market structure Weight Watchers is a company that has been around for the last 50 years and has been developing their brand of giving out weight loss services and products that make them a leading weight management service all over the world. Weight Watchers, without a doubt the largest single player in the highly disjointed industry has over 45 years of industry experience and like many of its competitors, is constantly changing its core program so as to become more useable to and petition to a lot of its members. Since November 2010, it appears that the company has been able to hit a marketing sweet spot that will lead them to a long term period of profitability that will keep rising. Weight Watchers Food Co. is revising their trade marketing structure to a big test this year with the start of their new strategy which involved the "Points Plus program," marketing plan (Denos, 2009). This will be part of their first major trade and consumer advertising. This is something to take advantage of especially since people are in the diet season. The company is reorganizing in order to set parallel roles for consumer and trade promotions managers and likewise bringing down the wall that divides marketing and sales. The change in this marketing strategy is the first key step in a procedure aimed at re-generating the company's sales

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