Welcome to Harmony Essay

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Welcome to Harmony: Population 300;

The sign read as Daryl gently eased the bike up in to the empty pharmacy parking lot and shut off the motor. From what he could see of the small town he had found, there was a pharmacy, a grocery store, a clothing store, a local doctors office, and a post office. That was about it. There wasn’t much going on for the town of Harmony, past or present.

He looked around to make sure walkers hadn’t heard him pull in. The last thing he needed was to be caught in the middle of a herd. He saw one come around the corner, shuffling aimlessly down the street. It stopped and sniffed the air, spotting him. It began shambling towards him, its arms outstretched, mouth open and growling, sensing fresh meat.

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He slid through the door silently, closing the door behind him gently.

He raised his crossbow up to his shoulder, scanning each aisle, taking no chances on a stray walker coming upon him. All was clear.

He grabbed a plastic bag from the front register and quickly started piling supplies into his bag. Shockingly, he found everything he needed, except for the antibiotics and the inhaler, in the first aisle. It seemed when the world had went to hell, no one had been overly concerned with cough syrup and acetamenophin…at least not in this town.

He was heading towards the back of the pharmacy when a silver and brown wrapper caught his eye.

A Hershey bar.

He grabbed it up and tossed it into the bag.

She would need something to make her feel better when she woke up. Besides, women loved chocolate didn’t they? Or at least, that’s what he had always heard.

The next aisle he came to was the health and beauty aid aisle. He quickly went down the shelves, filling his bag with shampoo, body wash, lotion, and wet wipes… for her. Mainly because he wanted to. She never got shit and he was tired of it. And it seemed that the woman had a fondness for wet wipes. He threw one more pack in…for good measure.

He walked to the back of the store and held his flashlight up to scan the shelves.

Vicadin, Darvocet, Loracet, Oxycontin,Tramadol, Azirthomycin…


He quickly swiped it from the shelf and tossed it into the bag. He turned to search behind him when he

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