Essay on Welfare Reform System: Building American Economy Back Up

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“Welfare epitomizes America’s basic bargain, providing opportunity and in return, demanding responsibility” (Clinton). When President Lyndon B. Johnson enacted Welfare in 1966, it was a system envisioned to be an aide for the common man; a support structure that would prevent financial disasters for the individual. Since that time, Welfare has been reformed, deformed, and become abused by the very people it was created to empower. Welfare has been manipulated into a way of life for over 40 million Americans through outrageous benefits and unearned paychecks being supplied at an endless rate. This issue harms not only the economy as a whole, but also the individuals who receive such benefits. Welfare checks have become free handouts to those in need, and with no incentive to seek low sector work when the benefits of Welfare are so much greater, many have been reduced to leeching off the system in place. This problem must be eradicated to stabilize the growing problem and get Americans back to work. To combat the issue of Welfare exploitation, complete reform is needed. Requiring Welfare recipients to conduct work-related activities on a weekly basis would allow those in need to attain job skills while promoting a productive and self-reliant population as well as a healthy, sustainable economy.
A prevalent aspect of Welfare that results in rampant exploitation is the fact that Welfare checks are handed out without any sort of requirement other than need. These benefits are…

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