Essay on Welfare Reform System: Building American Economy Back Up

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“Welfare epitomizes America’s basic bargain, providing opportunity and in return, demanding responsibility” (Clinton). When President Lyndon B. Johnson enacted Welfare in 1966, it was a system envisioned to be an aide for the common man; a support structure that would prevent financial disasters for the individual. Since that time, Welfare has been reformed, deformed, and become abused by the very people it was created to empower. Welfare has been manipulated into a way of life for over 40 million Americans through outrageous benefits and unearned paychecks being supplied at an endless rate. This issue harms not only the economy as a whole, but also the individuals who receive such benefits. Welfare checks have become free handouts to …show more content…

Otherwise, those who have financial need will remain content to collect an absurdly large Welfare check with no effort required than to seek employment at a much lower income rate, thus acting as “a leech upon the hardworking taxpayers who make Welfare possible” (“Welfare Flaws”). To prevent this, Welfare benefits must be reduced to the same rate as minimum wage, giving recipients the needed motivation to seek employment and a steady financial plan because Welfare checks will no longer present a more viable way of life. The reductions would take place immediately to slowly work people off Welfare and back into society as productive employed citizens.
Income cuts for Welfare recipients may not be enough to encourage citizens to leave Welfare, so instituting a work requirement for people to receive Welfare benefits would certainly be a feasible option. “To the unemployed, work experience and job skills are the number one most lacking in area…just ahead of the lack of motivation” (“Renewing America”). Newt Gingrich has been a strong proponent against free welfare handouts, proclaiming them to be a form of “government subsidized laziness” where those who have been responsible enough to ensure and achieve a state of wellbeing are forced to not only care for themselves but

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