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“I know Grandpa’s soul isn’t wandering the woods like the ghosts I sometimes think I glimpse through the trees. Part of his soul is right next to me, stored safe and sound inside Mango” (Mass 19). Mia, a synesthete in an otherwise normal family, was very close to her grandfather before he died when she was twelve. On the day of his funeral, she saw a small gray and white colored kitten with mango-colored eyes sitting by the grave, and immediately loved him. Even though a veterinarian said that he was born with an unfixable rip in his lung that caused a lot of wheezing, Mia was determined to make it work. Now, a year later, Mango’s sickness has gotten worse, and Mia is worried about losing the last part of her grandfather she has left. A Mango-Shaped …show more content…

Mia takes readers on a captivating journey, trying to navigate the ups and downs of middle school while simultaneously trying to deal with her sick cat and her newly diagnosed synesthesia. Wendy Mass has written a whole host of other books as well, all of which have relatable characters and captivating themes. Although none of the characters are quite the same, and none of the themes are completely synonymous, they all share the same basic trait: connecting with readers. One such book is Every Soul a Star. The book has three main protagonists: Ally, a girl who has lived with her family on an isolated campground, Bree, a tween who has grand plans to be a supermodel, and Jack, a middle school student who is failing his science class. They all meet on Ally’s campground to watch a rare solar eclipse, and in the process change each other’s lives as well as their own. One of the major themes of the book is that friendships can form in unlikely places. Many of Mass’ books have a similar theme to this, although no two are in the exact same circumstances. Even though the theme is not exactly the same as in A Mango-Shaped Space, they are both very moving, very influential

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