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West Texas A&M University Department of Nursing N3570L Health of Women and Children Preparation Assignment for Intrapartum Care Complete the following questions below and upload your responses in an rtf document to your clinical instructor (Gouldy, Denise) through WT class by 0800 Monday. The medications listed in “X” do not need to be uploaded but will be needed in the clinical setting (you may use the Med Sheet Template found in the OB folder to complete the information needed on the drugs). 1. Define the following terms: Amniotomy— medical intervention in which the amniotic sac is ruptured Breech— a position of the fetus in which the feet or buttocks present first. Not favorable for vaginal delivery. Dilatation—refers to the …show more content…

Intensity: strength of contractions at their peak (measured by subjective description, palpation and timing of contractions by a health care provider and electronic monitoring by tocometer) b. Why must the nurse monitor the uterine contraction pattern of a client in labor? It is important that the nurse monitor the uterine contraction pattern first to differentiate between false labor (Braxton Hicks) and true labor. While false labor contractions will be irregular and can be alleviated by emptying an overly full bladder, relaxing for a period, or drinking a cold glass of water, true contractions will be consistent and will not subside, but rather increase in frequency, duration and intensity. Once this distinction is made, contractions must continually be monitored because fetal well-being is assessed by monitoring fetal response (FHR) during contractions. Also, the frequency, duration and intensity of the contractions provide information about the progression of labor. 4. Fetal Heart Rate a. What is the normal baseline range of FHR? 110-160 bpm, with no periodic changes and a moderate amount of baseline variability. b. Define baseline, variability, decelerations (early, late, and variable). Baseline: average FHR for a 10 minute segment Variability: fluctuations in the FHR of 2 cycles/min or greater Decelerations: a decrease in the FHR below baseline; can be

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