Western Civilization

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Its setting is in the ancient times about 500 years ago. Gilgamesh is a great hero popularly known in the ancient times. He was a great city builder. He was more of a god than man in other words 2/3 god was and 1/3 man. Being selfish and evil, he was also half man and half god. He was the ruler of the land of Uruk. Looking back to about 500 years ago, the stories of Gilgamesh are famous to the ancient Sumerians. In the ruins of Nineveh somewhere in the 19th century are the cuneiform tablets containing stories of Gilgamesh. Many translations about the stories of Gilgamesh have been made.
The story starts up with Gilgamesh heading his way to the Family House. As the king of Uruk gave him authority to take all the virgins to bed before their husbands had the chance to do so. Everyone feared him and his leadership. "Enkidu tried to hold his fear, don't be afraid, said Gilgamesh. We are together, There is nothing we should fear" (Mason 27). He used to make his people build walls and great buildings by force and as usually will not think about them being repaired. He had no friends although he was rich and he was always a bored chap.
Later on, the reader is introduced to a man from Steppes whose name is Enkidu. He is half man and half animal. The person possesses a unique ability to communicate with animals and most of his body is…
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