Whale Talk by Chris Crutcher and Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

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Of all the qualities in a hero, the ones that make helping a heroic act are honesty, wisdom, dedication and conviction, which John from Whale Talk by Chris Crutcher and Clarisse from Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury portray. John and Clarisse are both honest about everything no matter what anyone says or thinks. They also take the wisdom they gain from their experiences, and use it to create a positive impact on those that they are helping. The level of dedication that John shows is one side of a pole while Clarisse’s level of dedication is on the other. Clarisse puts more conviction into changing perspective, since she does this just by staying true to her opinion. John and Clarisse both show honesty and wisdom in their actions when they…show more content…
I really, thought you were having fun at my expense. I'm a fool… Let's talk about something else,’”(Bradbury, 13). Clarisse knows that the subject is making him uncomfortable and is wise enough to apologize and move the subject to something he is comfortable with and happy about. John and Clarisse both take what they learn from their influencing experiences and apply this wisdom into their actions in the process of helping, whether it is protecting or changing perspective of Heidi and Montag. Although Clarisse and John are both honest and wise, they go about helping with extremely different levels of dedication, with John putting complete dedication into saving Heidi from her abusive dad. Because of the same experience of running over a baby, he puts all his dedication into protecting every form of life that he sees from danger and death to make up his sin (Crutcher, 52). So, when trouble comes along for Heidi and she is placed in his house, he puts all his focus on keeping her father away. When Heidi’s dad keeps calling his house even after Heidi’s mom takes her children to see him by violating rules, John immediately drops what he is doing and goes out to record Heidi’s dad breaking the no-contact rule as well as give him a warning that he will definitely give the evidence to the police if he does not stop shadowing his family (Crutcher, 154-155). John takes the time to do what

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