What A Leader Goes Through And Does Everyday

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These are some tips from Mrs. Cynthia Nambo the principal from Rudy Lozano Leadership Academy. (Nambo 2015) These questions were asked in order for one to fully view an idea of what a leader goes through and does everyday. The challenges that are presented by this leader Mrs. Nambo they are things that we don 't acknowledge on a daily basis. She has trained herself to hold back her thoughts and actually listen to what her audience has to say even if they are wrong. She also has very good problem solving skills and know how to interpret the audience.
One way that can cancel every skill you may have is by hitting barriers that cross people’s roads all the time. Which means that even if you have all those great qualities there might still be a chance people might not see you as a good leader. Some of the barriers that may occur are: 1. Misinterpretation of the meanings of words. Same words may mean different things to different people and many things are often called more than one name. For instance Soft Drink, soda, and pop (Speaking effectively). This barrier can be overcome by looking at the meaning of the person in which you are communicating with and not the meaning of the word. 2. Misinterpretation on actions eye contact, gestures, and facial expressions are all action factors that may be interpreted wrong. If someone walks out of the room quickly while the meeting is ending or taps a pencil on a table during a session leaders may think that the person is in hurry or

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