What A Postnatal Abdominal Palpation Is Important For A Successful Birth Experience Essay

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This essay will first describe partnership and how a midwife working in the continuity of care model develops and maintains it. Secondly, this essay will describe what a postnatal abdominal palpation is, why it is done and what the outcomes may be. It will also describe the anatomy and physiology of a uterus and involution. Lastly, a description of how the assessment is conducted and how during this partnership and cultural safety is maintained by the midwife.
The partnership between a woman and her midwife is the key to a successful birth experience. This partnership is a professional friendship that allows midwives to get to know women and their bodies.

This model identifies midwifery partnership as a relationship of ‘sharing’ between the women and the midwife, involving trust, shared control and responsibility and shared meaning through mutual understanding. It is the sharing relationship which constitutes midwifery and it is one which spans the life experience of pregnancy and childbirth. (Guilliland, K., & Pairman, S, 2010, p. 7).

This partnership is formed throughout the continuity of care Model. According to Leap & Pairman (2010) “The development of this partnership relationship relies on midwives being able to work in continuity-of-care models so that mutual trust and understanding between midwives and women can evolve over time”(p. 338). The continuity of care model that lead maternity carers work with, is where midwives support woman from the day they find out

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