What About Chemical Bonds?

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What About Chemical Bonds ?
Many scientists worked on development of chemical bonds
Empodecols,Democritos, Aristo, Dalton and Avogadro ….
It was a big issue in ancient times
How compounds bonded together ?
Their hypothesis help to discover
Ionic and covalent bonds

The electrons quicken around the core
Diffuse object of negatively charged electrons carry the electrical load ,
Protons and Neutrons lie inside the core Same number of electrons that balances the load but which are positively charged protons ,
Neutral particles carry electric charge neutrons.

The particle increases, additional electron it changes into anion
Presently it has a few charges
Which weakened my life drive hard.
Some more electrons needed in the valence shell
To …show more content…

I let the electron shopping
My name is ionic bondsI tend to not take Electron

Electrons are shopping them
Last orbits are completed 8
Ionic bond is formed between Na + and Cl-
Na gives +1 and Cl takes -1
Negative ions we called anions -1
Positive ions we called cations +1 Thus both reach each other
Such a nice ionic compound NaCl

Lewis structure is used to show chemical bonds
Inner shell electrons and valence with a symbol showing the core
It composed of dots showing the electrons
Make sure electrons are safe

The vitality broke the compound
As it conquer the power of higher sum
Presently there 's no more bond
Which changes my life again into grieve.

Again, it formed into recently ionic bond
Furthermore, has an in number, power of fascination
Presently I can manage a tasteful life which now change over me into suffice.


Since ancient times what the forces that hold atoms together was one of the issues facing the people of science.Empedocles and Aristotle shared the same opinion. The universe of fire, water, earth and air to occur, and they think that they could be united with each other. The mixture or compound itself can not be separated without causing movement power.
According to Democritos,

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