What About St. John 's Interests You Essay

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“We owe it to each other to tell stories.” - Neil Gaiman. I love telling stories and sharing my testimony. It’s how I connect with people and answer the hard questions of life. So the best way to answer, ‘ What about St. John’s interests you most? Which aspect of the curriculum or author in the curriculum intrigues you most?’ Is through my high school testimony. I was introduced to the idea of homeschooling in the 5th grade. Being a person who loves trying new things and experimenting; I couldn’t say no to this opportunity. The first year of homeschooling was marvelous! Working at my own pace, being able to read for pleasure, really diving into ideas and concepts that I had a keenness for, and being free to indulge myself in whatever I pleased! Unfortunately, something had begun to nag at me midway through the year. I brought the issue to my mother who was very supportive of me and asked me, “what do you think you’re missing?”. I did not understand her question at the time. It took me until the end of my 5th grade year to answer her. “I feel like I need more structure and direction with my studies”. It wasn 't soon after I told her this that she found a home school curriculum called, Classical Conversation. Once again, I was offered the opportunity for something new and my inquisitive nature drove me to jump.

Classical conversations is a curriculum centered around classical education, with three “stages”. During your younger years, you are in the “Grammar”
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