What Are Aquatic Biomes Affected By Human Activity

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A Biome is an enormous community of living things inhabiting a major habitat. Bodies of water is an aquatic biome. For example, oceans, lakes and rivers are aquatic biomes. It’s a natural resource that covers around 70% of the Earth’s surface. Aquatic biomes are very significant in supporting life on earth. These biomes supply fresh water for drinking, support the irrigation of crops and provide the food humans eat to survive. However, an external factor, humans, are having a great impact on the survival of aquatic biomes. Because of humans, the Earth’s waters are becoming polluted. Overfishing is reducing the amount of fish in the ocean, and aggressive fishing practices are damaging coral reefs and other habitats living in the water. The impact of human activities has severely damaged these aquatic biomes and conservation and preservation is needed for their survival.…show more content…
Aquatic biomes are destroyed by human activity through pollution because pollution spreads harmful and dangerous substances into the
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