What Are Oceanography? An Interdisciplinary Science?

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The world is covered in more than 70% water, water that has not been completely explored. That’s why we have oceanography. What is oceanography? Oceanography is an interdisciplinary science that involves the study of the entire ocean, from the shallow coastal areas to the deepest trenches. It involves geology, biology, chemistry, and physics. Biological oceanographers and marine biologists study plants and animals in the marine environment. They are interested in the numbers of marine organisms and how these organisms develop, relate to one another, adapt to their environment, and interact with it. To accomplish their work, they may use field observations, computer models, or laboratory and field experiments. Chemical oceanographers and…show more content…
All of these branches are intertwined, and thus all oceanographers must have a keen understanding of biology, chemistry, geology, and physics to unravel the mysteries of the world ocean and to understand the processes in it. Oceanographers divide their work between the field, laboratory, office, or classroom. They travel the world over, including to remote locations, working on, in, and under water. Their work can be physically and socially demanding. They may spend months on a research ship in cramped quarters or a few days on a small boat along a coastline. Not surprisingly, most oceanographers in the United States are located around the Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf coasts, and the Great Lakes region. Because of the complexity of the earth and its oceans, oceanographers often work in multidisciplinary teams. Oceanographers depend on technology for much of their work. Those who explore the ocean’s geographical features, which includes mountains, valleys, volcanoes, islands and canyons, find underwater sites by bouncing sound waves off of rock formations. Chemical oceanographers continuously monitor water quality through instrumentation packages called “fish,” which are lowered into the ocean to sample water and send information such as temperature, salinity, and content directly to computers. Oceanographers get

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