What Are The 3 Most Important Reasons For Study Principles Of Persuasion?

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What are the 3 most important reasons to study principles of persuasion?
The first reason it is important to study persuasion is to adapt to the technological age. In this age of technology as stated in Persuasion in Today’s World the author examines persuasion and why it is important that we train ourselves to become responsible receivers of persuasion. (Larson, pg. 5) He does this by first explaining that the average American is exposed to over 5000 persuasive messages a day. It is important to train ourselves to be responsible receivers because persuasive messages have become a grammar of everyday life. These messages are received through a lexicon of different mediums from television to visual art, and also conversations with children. For example: I have a lot of nieces and a nephew who watch both Disney and nick Jr. both stations persuade parents with the idea of “learning” and they send messages of teaching leading the parents to believe it is ok for the children to watch. This creates tiny consumers that then ask their parents to buy them things associated with the shows and characters they watch in the programs. While a lot of these persuasive messages feed into the ideologies taught to us by other messages we learn from our parents or ‘society.’ Larson went on to say: “Persuasion is the result of combined efforts of source and receiver. Even in cases of terrorism and hostage taking, some hostages begin to identify with their captors.”(Larson, Pg.11) While that last

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